Mid Season Wickedness!

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Ten Episodes already! (Well, technically 9)  Wow…kinda cool.  What’s happened since those ten episodes? 

The Wicked Library left the mighty Red Horse Radio Network and came here to Society 13 for one thing.  Got a slightly updatedtheme song, got groovy new bumper music and gained more listeners than ever before!

We’re starting to show up on the map, and there are people to thank.

Starting with YOU, dear listener.  If you followed us from RHR, we love you for that; if you’re new to just this season, we love you for that too.  If you’re a huge Joe R Lansdale fan, boy howdy, do we love you.  We here at the Wicked Library pretty much love anyone who listens to our show.

As you know, the whole goal of this show is to promote up and coming authors.  When you listen to the show and share it with your friends and family, you’re helping to promote an author.  And a damn good one at that!  Our big thanks goes of course, to Joe R Lansdale.  This is the second time he has allowed one of his stories to be performed on the show specifically to draw more listeners.  Joe is a tremendous resource of knowledge about writing and he’s also an amazing author.  On top of that, he’s a stand up guy and a friend to the show.  On behalf of all the authors past and present on the show, we thank you!

So, with Joe’s story up until May 5th, the Library is semi closing production for a couple of weeks.  But, we won’t leave you hanging.  We are re broadcasting the first three episodes ‘remixed’ including new art work by Maddie Von Stark!  As she is the resident artist for the podcast, she’s already producing classic badass art.  (She gets billing on the episodes for a reason, folks!)  Maddie is a very welcome addition to the crew  for The Wicked Library.

All New Episodes return April 25th with author Emma Ennis!  So many more authors…so much more horror…

Thanks for reading this and for always listening!

And maybe…keep the lights on.

Nelson, Maddie and “The Librarian”


Appearance at Horror Realm!

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Catch David Fairhead and Nelson W Pyles at Horror Realm March 15th, 16th and 17th!  They will be hanging with good pal and mentor Jonny Axx!  Stop by, get some books, comics and all sorts of fun stuff!  Nelson will be on an author panel on the 16th at 11AM with badass authors Christine Soltis and Matt Demas!  And Dave will be…Dave.  He’s a show unto himself!

Welcome to Society 13!

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Society 13 is the new home of Kettle Whistle Radio and The Wicked Library as well as many more shows to be announced.

New shows are in development.  We are on the ground floor and we are always looking up.  Looking for one of our shows?  Look at the menu on the right and dive in!  All episodes for the shows will be linked on the individual show.

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Welcome to Society 13