About Society 13

Given the blessing by modern renaissance man Jon Towers, David Fairhead and Nelson W Pyles left the comfort zone of the Red Horse Radio Network and formed Society 13.  Fairhead’s podcast “Kettle Whistle Radio with Dave and Taddy” and “The Wicked Library” from Pyles are also joined by longtime Red Horse Radio broadcaster “Mr. Pink” (he chooses to remain anonymous for now) with his show “TBA.” 
New shows are  lining up.  Stay tuned…we’re just warming up.

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No one is as badass as all of us.

About David Fairhead (Kettle Whistle Radio)

David is an author and broadcaster from Long Island, now residing in Pittsburgh, the Zombie Capital of The World.  His short story THE FALL can be found in THE BIG BOOK OF BIZARRO on Burning Bulb Pub, as well as his short story DEMONEYE in WESTWARD HOES, a horror/western anthology of the same label.  His comic book series WORLD ZOMBIE WRESTLING ASSOCIATION with artist Jon Towers can be found at STIGMATA STUDIOS, home of Red Horse Radio where Dave and Taddy got their start.   After an infamous meeting at a Steel City Com Con, Dave and Heather Taddy started KETTLE WHISTLE RADIO for the love of music, horror and subcultures!  Contact Dave at Teddydnd@yahoo.com

About Nelson W Pyles (Host, The Wicked Library)
Nelson is an author and broadcaster based in Pittsburgh PA.  His written work has appeared with bestselling authors such as Harlan Ellison, F Paul Wilson, Jack Ketchum and Jessica McHugh.  As he works on more fiction, he also hosts THE WICKED LIBRARY.  He is originally from Boonton, New Jersey which really doesn’t have any relevance, but he like to mention it here and there.  For a list of books where Nelson’s work appears, click this link here.

His main website is www.nelsonwpyles.com and can be reached at nelson.pyles@gmail.com as well as on Twitter @nelsonwpyles

About Maddie Von Stark (Artist, The Wicked Library)
(by MVS)

I am a girl on fire.
A blow torch kid
A phoenix adult
the ‘Hey Jupiter’ wind.
I am Doc Holiday,
the northern Sun,
the black edge of the thunder
a misfit on the run

www.facebook.com/maddieholliday.vonstark  http://maddievonstark.wordpress.com/


About Heather Taddy (Kettle Whistle Radio)

Heather Taddy
Team Documentarian A&E’s Paranormal State
While studying Film & French at The Pennsylvania State University, Heather Taddy attended one of Lorraine Warren’s lectures on the paranormal; this led her to join a club called The Penn State Paranormal Research Society. After joining she learned that the society was holding auditions for a reality TV series for the A&E network.   Her old curiosity on the Paranormal world peaked anew, so Heather attended a casting call.  The producers showed a great interest in her energetic personality, style & an enthusiastic on-camera presence. Soon she found herself in the role of Team Documentarian on A&E’s hit series Paranormal State.  Often volunteering to appear alone in some of the countries most haunted locations, Taddy has proven that she has no fear of the unknown.  In truth, she loved the challenge of defining the things that go bump in the night.  Where most turned their back in indifference or fear, she marched in for answers.
She first recognized her curiosity to explore the paranormal in her early teens.  Sheepishly, she started her own investigations during her days of eavesdropping on her older brother and his friends playing the Ouija Board.  Her vast imagination was never satiated with one mere avenue.  Soon her pursuits would take her interests into broader realms.  Taddy would look to different mediums for her penchant into the unordinary.   
Growing up in Pennsylvania, Taddy created videos with her friends as a creative outlet.  Always having a video camera on hand, she found herself documenting ghost hunts to try and capture evidence of the afterlife on film. Having studied film theory, cinematography has always been an interest, which earned her the role of documenting each paranormal adventure through her eyes on Paranormal State.
Since starring on 4 seasons of the series, Taddy’s screen presence, logical stance on the paranormal and bravery has caught the attention of several television producers.  She has been asked to star on several paranormal related shows for Sy Fy and other networks.  Currently living in Pittsburgh, Taddy, continues to appear and lecture at paranormal events.  With charm, class and a whimsy all her own, Taddy continues her pursuit into the colorful side of the living realm as well; Her passion for interesting music that entices the mind is never subsided, and she may just pull a bass guitar out, riffing away without a second thought!  Heather is a musician, historian, tv personality, craft maker, and convention speaker all in good measure.  These are the ingredients that weave the many facets of Heather Taddy.   So, besides her interest in the paranormal she can be found creating art out of records & recyclable media, playing music and hosting a podcast that revolves around music, horror movies and the paranormal, called Kettle Whistle Radio.


About Mr. Pink: (TBA)

Born in the back of an old Toyota hi-lux pickup to mercenary parents who were running guns during the Angolan Civil War , the man, the myth, the legend known today as “Mr. Pink” was brought into this world. The master of many skills , (so many skills that he cant legally tell them to you all) Mr Pink is a living legend, even attaining the rank of “4th Most Interesting Man in the World” . He  seems to be everywhere and nowhere all at the same time.  Ask yourself; Is Mr Pink a singular man or an silent Army of informants, spies, and banditos???  ONLY MR.PINK knows for sure. When Batman picked up the red phone MR. Pink was on the other end not Commissioner Gordon. Today Mr Pink shares his considerable wealth of information to the world Via 2 tin cans, an old generator and a Shure microphone once used by NASA Mission Control.  Broadcasting from Castle Anthrax on weekdays and His secret stealth spy fishing boat ALAKAZAAM on the weekends, Mr Pink helps keep us informed on injustice in the world, gun control and current events.

If you ever find yourself in a dark seedy bar and see a bearded man in a flannel smoking a Cohiba and flipping a Morgan Silver Dollar… that’s Mr Pink….His hobbies include collecting Darth Vader PEZ dispensers and searching for the world’s perfect Orchid.


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