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Looking to scare up some great stories?  Look no further than The Wicked Library-your weekly destination for new and terrifying horror fiction from today’s up and coming authors…and the occasional BEST SELLER will stop in as well!

From self published, to published, to unpublished to best selling, The Wicked Library prides itself on only reading the best from the best!

Previous authors include Jessica McHugh, Mandy DeGeit, Paul Anderson, Rich Bottles Jr and Joe R Lansdale!

So sit back, relax and join your host,  author Nelson W Pyles, terrifying artwork from Maddie Von Stark and of course, “The Librarian” every week for a new tale to terrify on The Wicked Library!!

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The Season 2 Finale-Maddie Von Stark


The Wicked Library Season Two Finale! Maddie Von Stark closes out the very successful season with the killer first chapter of her novel, THE WIDOW’S GAME! Nelson thanks the 18 authors that made up this season (and of course, bestselling author Joe R Lansdale) for making this season so badass! He also goes into the history of the show and what to expect during the summer break. Thank you all so much for your support-we will be back with all new episodes soon! *Please note that the beginning and end music was composed and performed by Colin Lacativa, used with permission. It’s titled “Von Stark’s Midnight Bike Ride.” Thanks Colin!
Keep the lights on!
Nelson & Maddie

Episode 218-Paul Anderson


Hello Boils and Ghouls! Author Paul Anderson returns to The Wicked Library with his story “Baby Grows a Conscience” as well as new creepy art from Maddie Von Stark! Nelson talks about winding up the very successful second season and the upcoming stretch of ‘reruns’ of episodes from season one for the summer break. Episode 219 will be the big season finale! Stay Tuned!
Paul’s story “The Doorway Man” can be found in INTO THE DARKNESS from Necro Publications and is available at . His interview with Harlan Ellison as well as his review of Harlan’s new book 7 AGAINST CHAOS will be appearing in July at
*Special Appearances on this episode by Annabelle Pyles, who read the story title and Samantha Pyles who played ‘Baby.” Thanks ladies!

Episode 217-David Greske


The Wicked Library welcomes author David Greske and his very disturbing story “Paranoid!” Also, David’s novel BLOOD RIVER is also an upcoming film (for which he co wrote the screen play) made by ForbesFilms and starring Linnea Quigley!! Nelson talks about rounding up the season in a few episodes and for some reason, name drops Lydia Peever. Again. Also, the amazing Maddie Von Stark outdoes herself with the latest work for this epsisode!! You can find David online at and at His 4 novels, ANATHEMA, NIGHT WHISPERS, RETRIBUTION and BLOOD RIVER are all available at  Gallows Press also has a movie tie-in for BLOOD RIVER!  

Episode 216-Paul Wargelin

The Wicked Library returns with a very strange and brutal tale from author Paul Wargelin called “Beating a Dead Horse.” Nelson also talks about Maddie’s interview with TWL alum Stephanie Wytovich ( ) Paul’s latest work in TWISTED TUMBLEWEED TALES; a collection of his weird westerns and is availble from Paul’s blog can be found at 

Episode 215-Jessica McHugh


The return of Jessica McHugh to TWL!   Nelson reads Jessica’s story ‘Extraction’ which appears in the critically acclaimed anthology FEAR THE ABYSS and also boasts the greatest opening line of a short story. Jessica is also part of a tour/documentary called the DARK AND BOOKISH TOUR. There is a contest for you all to enter-the winner will be picked on Friday May 31st! For details go to @darkandbookish on Twitter. Jessica’s latest novel is PINS and is available at Also, some extended family to the Society 13 Network sadly lost everything in a fire this week. If you’d like to help, please consider giving something to the
Grenier Fire Fund,
C/o The Sanctuary of Eagle River
PO Box 772952
Eagle River Alaska 99577
We all thank you!

Episode 214-Mandy DeGeit


The return of author Mandy DeGeit!! And that means, it’s another episode with an EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING and very terrifyingly beautiful cover art by Maddie Von Stark! Nelson discusses Mandy’s writing and her badassery. No less than four stores are featured this week on the show, including “Humanification” which was featured in ZOMBIE ZOMBIE BRAIN BANG by Strange House Press, and “Dead Things Don’t Rise” from 50 SHADES OF DECAY! You can find all things ‘Mandylicious’ at her website and her work can be purchased at! This Episode is brought to you by Brad Carter’s (DIS)COMFORT FOOD available from Post Mortem Press. BONUS!!! Gramsci Melodic’s song ‘How Do We Get There’ which is the music for the Society 13 bumper. The song-in it’s entirety! @maddievonstark @nelsonwpyles @wickedlibrary http://nelsonwpyles

Episode 213-Kerry Lipp


Nelson starts the show with a surprise-a new sponsor!! Author Brad Carter’s new novel, (DIS)COMFORT FOOD from the fine folks at Post Mortem Press! (Available at Nelson introduces this week’s story from author Kerry Lipp and how this is the first episode to carry an actual warning. Kerry has a column at called “666 Bottles of Blood on the Wall” and appears in several anthologies including LUCHA GORE:Scares from the Squared Circle from Cruentus Libri Press and will be in DOA2 from Blood Bound Books in July. Stalk him on Twitter @kerrylipp @maddievonstark @nelsonwpyles

Episode 212-Rebecca Snow


Episode 212 hits with a horrifying office satire from fantastic author Rebecca Snow! Nelson also discusses how season two is chugging along and brings up an incident that happened last week with some cyberbullying. And, he swears a little bit… Rebecca can be found online at (not blogspot as previously written!) Twitter @cemeteryflower You can also find her work on in the anthology READ THE END FIRST @wickedlibrary @MaddieVonStark @NelsonWPyles

Episode 211-Adrian Chamberlin


This week, The Wicked Library welcomes British author Adrian Chamberlin and his gleefully brutal story “The Interview.” Nelson makes (or remakes) a huge announcement about his novel…after about 30 takes. Killer KILLER art work by the amazing Maddie Von Stark as well! Also, a shout out to Mr Pink from TBA! Adrian’s next work can be found in DREAMING IN DARKNESS to be released at the World Horror Convention in June! You can fine more about Adrian at his web site, You can find out more about Society 13 at www, @wickedlibrary @nelsonwpyles @maddievonstark

Episode 210-Emma Ennis


The Wicked Library returns with an all new episode featuring author Emma Ennis! Nelson discusses the desire to hit himself after hearing the human beatbox crap he pulled on the second remix episode, gives some overdue love to author Suzanne Robb, discusses the geography of Emma Ennis and a quick view into how Maddie’s art work is picked for each episode. Emma’s latest work is RED WINE AND WORDS from Post Mortem Press at where you can also find her author page! Her website is and find her on FB @wickedlibrary @nelsonwpyles @maddievonstark

Episode 209-David Dunwoody


This week features a double shot of author David Dunwoody! Two killer and twisted stories-“Zombies” which Nelson discusses at length about how most zombie stories are crap (and how this one is not) and “Feejee Merfolk” which tells the twisted tale of a young man losing his imagination during a lobomoty. Also, Nelson re-introduces Maddie Von Stark as the official artist for The Wicked Library. Also discussed, the return next week of Joe R Lansdale! Dave’s latest work is THE HARVEST CYCLE and is available on
 Twitters- @wickedlibrary @nelsonwpyles

Episode 208-Erin Thorne


The Wicked Library returns with excellent author Erin Thorne’s chilling study in secrets, being pious, and why you don’t invite the Devil to your book club in, “The Book Club.” Her latest release is BEHIND THE WHEEL: AND OTHER STORIES and can be found at . Check her out on her Facebook page-  And resident badass artist Maddie Von Stark delivers another Wicked cover. We’re keeping Maddie. She rocks it hard.


Episode 207-Craig Saunders


Hello, Boils and Ghouls! Author Craig Saunders checks in from England with this creepy story about a mouse that may not quite be a mouse in “Playing Blackjack with Mr Paws.” Nelson also talks about the upcoming author panel he’s been asked to take part in with badass authors Christine Soltis and Matt Demas. Mad props to Maddie Von Stark for the amazing cover art again for this week’s episode! Enjoy! Oh-correction! Nelson gives out BAD website info for Society 13…see below!  

Episode 206-Lydia Peever


The Wicked Library welcomes author Lydia Peever. In this week’s story, we meet Laurel; a sweet girl who grows up to be a “Demon Whisperer” in the chilling tale ‘Bad Shepherd.’ This story is in the new collection PRAY LIED EVE by Lydia Peever and is available from!

You can also check out Lydia’s novel NIGHTFACE at, and Lydia at her website, . Follow her @typicallydia on Twitter and pretty much everywhere!

Check out Maddie Von Stark, horror writer and artist (she provided this week’s cover artwork) at And of course, us! @wickedlibrary  

Episode 205-Suzanne Robb


The Wicked Library Returns at last! This week, Suzanne Robb’s chilling tale, “Citipati” is read and Nelson gives a translation and pronunciation of the word. Also, Nelson explains “SOCIETY 13.” (The S13 bumper in the beginning features music by Gramsci Melodic) At the end of the story, Nelson makes a large announcement about a future episode! You can find Suzanne online at her site  


Best of The Wicked Library-Nelson W Pyles

In the last ‘Best of’ episode, Nelson reads his own work with his first published work, “Spring in New York.” He gets a little nostalgic and maybe even slightly …well, more nostalgic. But, since it’s Nelson’s Birthday this week, he can afford to be nostalgic…even about his own stuff. Back next week with an all new episode!

Best of The Wicked Library-Paul Anderson


A special rebroadcast of author Paul Anderson’s “Love Song for the Rejected” just in time for Valentine’s Day! This episode is Nelson’s personal favorite from Season One and is happy to play it once again. You can find Paul’s latest work in the critically acclaimed anthology FEAR THE ABYSS from Post Mortem Press and the just released INTO THE DARKNESS from Necro Publications and both available at  Find Paul at  

Episode 204-Rich Bottles Jr.


Hello BOILS AND GHOULS! Rich Bottles Jr. returns to The Wicked Library with his hilariously horrific homage to H.P. Lovecraft titled “Olaus Wormius.” It would scare you silly if it weren’t making you laugh. You can get Rch’s latest novel THE MANACLED from Burning Bulb Press at  You can also catch Rich, Jesse Saxon, Kimberly Bennett, KWR’s David Fairhead and host Nelson W Pyles in WESTWARD HOES from Burning Bulb, available in March! Check out Rich at his website


Episodes 202 and 203 Remixed Stephanie Wytovich/C Bryan Brown


The second episode of the ‘remixes’ episodes 202 and 203-Stephanie Wytovich and C Bryan Brown! Nelson has new intros, plugs and for some odd reason, human beatboxing. Plus, new badass art from the mighty Maddie Von Stark! Steohanie: Twitter: @justaftersunset C. Bryan Brown: Twitter: @cbryanbrown @wickedlibrary

Season Premiere!   Remixed Episode 201-Rose Blackthorn


While on hiatus, The Wicked Library is rebroadcating the first episode of the new season, slightly remixed! Rose Blackthorn’s SAFE AND SECURE was the very first episode for season two and a great story to boot! and check out the awesome new artwork by TWL’s resident BADASS artist, Maddie Von Stark! Rose and Nelson both share pages in FEAR THE ABYSS and FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE! She also appears in A QUICK BITE OF FLESH with mighty Mandy DeGeit. The Blood and Roses anthology coming from Scarlett River Press will be released later this year and includes her story “A Thing of Beauty”. Her story “Waterless” is scheduled to be published by BuzzyMag on May 3, 2013. Her websites are and her Amazon author page @wickedlibrary


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